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Qualls, Amacha ? to Edward Qualls 3-31-1886

Qualls, Ann to Uriah Smith 7-5-1864

Qualls, Constance to Harrison Hall 8-19-1852

Qualls, Eliza Elizabeth to Jackson Qualls 3-18-1859

Qualls, Harriett to Wesley Sanders 12-6-1853

Qualls, Juliann to W.M. Little 8-4-1858

Qualls, Minerva to Green Bevil 7-8-1844

Qualls, Sally to Hiram Heagon 10-11-1872

Qualls, Sarah to William P. Sanderidge 12-27-1853

Quarles, Aliza Ann to Conrad Carpenter 3-5-1827

Quarles, Amanda to Nelson Jones 5-14-1866

Quarles, Betsey to Stephen McEachren 5-25-1866

Quarles, Delilah to Alexander Mayburn Macallister 8-27-1856

Quarles, Eliz A. to James P. Sherrod 10-12-1843

Quarles, Elizabeth to Abner Wasson 3-6-1815

Quarles, Ellen to T.M. _awyer 9-29-1849

Quarles, Harriett B. to Henry C. Puckett 8-3-1862

Quarles, Irena L. to Joseph Holeman 8-17-1843

Quarles, Jane to William Williams 10-28-1819

Quarles, Jemima to Stephen Porter 11-4-1841

Quarles, Lockey to Bejamin Clayton 3-26-1817

Quarles, Lockey to John Quarles 12-17-1811

Quarles, Lucy M. to Z. Britton 6-9-1866

Quarles, Mary to Asa Marion Marlow 3-16-1859

Quarles, Mary to Robert Matlock 9-15-1869

Quarles, Mary A.S. to Hugh G. Johns 9-19-1856

Quarles, Matilda to Isaac Chandler 8-9-1837

Quarles, Matilda to David Quarles 8-2-1847

Quarles, Matilda to Joseph Simmons 5-11-1856

Quarles, P. to Harry Jennings 9-12-1856

Quarles, Sarah to Blanch Jordan 12-26-1844

Quarles, Sarah to Benjamin E. Partlow 9-3-1841

Quarles, Sarah to Hiram B. Slaine 10-30-1866

Quarles, Sarah to Wm. Worley 7-12-1858

Quarles, Susan to Andrew Henderson 7-12-1838





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