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Tennessee Confederate Pension Application Index


Qualls, Parthena J.W690, PU, Qualls, Francis Rowland

Qualls, Sarah M. W4851, K, Qualls, George Munrow

Quarles, Benjamin, S4113, Ro, 16th Bn.

Quarles, Guy S. S6525, Ru, 8th (Smith's) Cav.

Quarles,Harvey, C214, 8th Inf.

Quarles, Isham, S15262, P, 10th Cav.

Quarles, J.T. S13660, DK, 8th (Smith's) Cav.

Quarles, John. S. S15428, PU, 8th Inf.

Quarles, Malissie, W11101, WL, Quarles, James Turner

Quarles, Mary Ann, W8737, W8045, PU, Quarles, Stephen Decatur

Quarles, Nannie E. W5207, O. Quarles, George Harrison

Quarles, R.A. S2256, Fr, 8th Inf.

Quarles, S.D. S6834, PU, 8th (Dibrell's) Cav.

Quarles, Selia Ann, W8750, PU, Quarles, Wm. Braxton

Quarles, Virginia Frances, W341, WL, Quarles, Little Berry Jackson

Quarles, William A. S1411, MT, 42nd Inf.

Quarles, William Braxton, S8696, PU, 8th Cav





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