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James, Elizabeth, Va Line, W8968, soldier married Elizabeth Pelfry 23 November 1791 in Henry Co VA, soldier had lived in Buckingham Co VA at enlistment, he applied 9 June 1834 Todd Co KY & soldier died there 2 August 1838 & his widow applied there 11 January 1841 aged 74 & in 1845 she had moved to White county TN.


Abner, VA. Line, BLW #548-100-28 February 1811, warrant was delivered to the Honorable Jas. Cochran

David, Mary, no unit of service given, R19426, soldier married Mary Billingsley 7 December 1831 in Pickens District SC the part that later became Oconee co SC, solder died about 19 February 1845 in Pickens District SC, widow applied 1 august 1871 in Oconee Co SC, her PO adress was at Walhalla SC

Francis, VA Line, S46555, soldier was born 7 February 1752 in Goochland Co VA & and he lived until the age of 16 then moved to Cumberland Co VA where he lived for 2 years then moved to Prince Edward Co VA for 2 years then moved to Pittsylvania Co VA where he lived during the revolution & he lived there 5 years after the revolution then moved to Henry Co VA for a few years then moved to Wythe Co VA where he lived for a year or 2 then moved to Jefferson Co. TN then to Knox Co TN where he applied 9 February 1833 having lived there since 1823, soldier referred to a "son"

Henry, VA Line, R17253 also VA 1/2 pay (see N.A. Acc #874 #050135 1/2 pay), in 1850 soldier's heirs (not named) were allowed the VA 1/2 pay from 2 February 1782 to 17 september 1810, a Samuel H. Stout of VA was adm'r of soldiers estate in 1850, soldier had served as an officer.

James, VA Line, R17254, also VA 1/2 pay ( see N.A. Acc #874 #050136 1/2 pay), soldier served as Captian and Major, he lived in King William Co VA, soldier was dec'd by 1843, the VA 1/2 pay was allowed soldier's heirs who were shown as; James B. Owens & his wife Magdalina Mildred P. (Tinsley) Owens & Mrs. elizabeth (Quarles) Lake who was of Boston MA in 1855 & she stated soldier was her grandfather & Mrs. Owens was her neice.

John, VA Line, R17250 also VA 1/2 pay, soldier served as Captain Lieutenant in the VA Arty, A John Quarles Richardson was adm'r of soldiers estate, the said John Quarles Richardson married Annna (_____) & she was referrred to as; "adm'x de bonis non" on the estate of John Quarles in Norfolk Co VA in 1854 ( she signed a p.o.a)

Moses, VA Line, BLW #2164-100, soldier died (date not given) leaving children, John P. Quarles, ann who married Thomas Bagwell, Peggy who married Thomas Kansey & Elizabeth who married Phillip holts & the daughter Elizabeth Holts was dec'd in 1834 leaving 1 child named Mary who had married David Monroe.

Robert, Patsy, VA Line, W9868, BLW #1771-150-17 mAy 1792 assignee robert Means, soldier was a son of James & mary Quarles & was born 26 July 1763 & he married Patsy daughter of Garritt & Mary O. Minor on 18 November 1791 & she was born 6 february 1770 & their children were' Tyron born 18 August 1792, Luisa Ann born 20 May 1794, Garritt Greer & James Lewis born 13 April 179? & robert born 21 May 1798, Luisa ann Quarles married Charles R. Hall 25 july 1816, soldier's mother Mary died 1 December 1816 aged 73, soldier's brother John Quarles died 27 July, 1816 aged 46, Robert Pryor Hall born 8 June 1817, Martha Ann born 25 October 1818 & died 13 August 1891 (children of Charles R. Luisa Ann Hall), Rebecca Bowles former widow of John Quarles died October 1818 aged 43, James L. Quarles died in MO 'just as his mother & father arrived" on 25 October 1819 aged 24, Garritt g. Quarles died 6 January 1821 at his fathers in St. Louis Co MO. aged 25, Joanna E. Geyer died 15 October 1837 formerly wife of D. pryor Quarles, widow applied 12 January 1844 in St. lois Co MO.

Thomas, VA Line, R17251 also VA 1/2 pay, soldier married Nancy Butler & they had 1 child named Alicia, after the Revolution soldier lived in King William Co VA where he was Deputy Clerk forseveral years & later moved to Granvill Co NC, one Richard Reuis was adm'r of sol's estate on 2 July 1842 at Richmond VA.

Wharton, VA Line, R17252 also VA 1/2 pay (see N.A. Acc #874 #050137 1/2 pay), on 15 November 1833 one Robert Pollard was adm'r of soldier;s estate in Henrico Co VA & he stated soldier died 22 February 1804

William, Polly, MA Line, W14219, soldier married Miss Polly Haradine 4 March 1784 at Gloucester in essex Co MA, soldier applied in April 1818 at Salem in essex Co MA aged 58, widow applied 9 August 1838 Essex Co MA aged 74, soldier died 3 March 1821.


James, BLW #10245-100-16 July 1789 assignee Robert Means, NoPapers.





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